Help us keep your data safe

We take measures every day to protect our customers against fraudsters. On this page, we want to raise awareness of cybercrime so that we can fight them together. Here you will find information about the most common scams.

What Tinka does

These are some of the measures we take to protect you from fraudsters.

  • We have both (semi) automated and manual processes to detect fraudulent activity;
  • We keep in contact with the authorities so that we are aware of new fraudulent techniques and trends;
  • We take technical and administrative measures to protect our systems and communications from interception or misuse in accordance with our information security policies and procedures;
  • We keep our employees informed of ongoing fraudulent activity to promote early detection;
  • We apply multi-factor authentication when accessing financial data (in addition to a password);
  • We publish warnings on our website when we become aware of a new fraud trend;
  • We work with our business partners to increase safety levels throughout our supply chain;
  • We have a proactive attitude because prevention is better than cure.

Be aware of the latest fraudster tricks

Fraudsters always use different ways and techniques to exploit our human weaknesses. It is faster, easier and cheaper to deceive you than a computer. A computer is protected by various technologies.

How do you protect yourself against these methods of the fraudster:

  • Social Engineering

    Manipulating people for unauthorized access/information.

  • Phishing

    Deceptive online tactics to steal information.

  • Spoofing

    Pretending to be someone else

  • Pharming

    A specific form of phishing to obtain account information (username and password).

  • Malware

    Malicious software

  • is the website real?

    Helaas weten fraudeurs steeds beter hoe ze een website na kunnen maken. Daardoor lijkt een website betrouwbaar waardoor je het risico loopt je gegevens op een valse website in te vullen.

  • Identity Fraud

    Lees hier wat te doen om identiteitsfraude te voorkomen

We are here to help

If you are worried that you are a victim of fraud, please immediately get in touch with our customer service.

Customer Service