The Tinka Card

With the Tinka Card you can now shop in more than 10,000 affiliated fashioncheque stores and pay later, without any additional costs or hidden fees. Perfect for those items that just can’t wait. With the Tinka Card we want you to feel financially empowered, in a responsible way.

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  • No Cost

    Nobody likes extra and unexpected costs, neither do we! That’s why the Tinka Card is free of charge, including delivery. Pay in 14 days with 0% interest and no hidden costs!

  • Set up in 90 seconds

    1. 1
      Download the Tinka app
    2. 2
      Log in or create an account with your email address
    3. 3
      Scan the barcode on your card to activate the card
    4. 4
      We calculate your personalized shopping limit and now you’re all set!
  • Shop in over 10,000 stores

    With the Tinka Card you can shop in over 10,000 affiliated fashioncheque stores including Foot Locker, C&A, Omoda, Rituals and Hema. But there are many more shops to discover! Click on the button below or go to the shop finder in the Tinka app to find all your favorite stores near you.

  • Spend smarter

    The Tinka card gives you the power to manage your finances smarter. By paying later, you can spread out the cost of your purchases and avoid the financial stress. You manage all your purchases in the Tinka app. Budgeting has never been easier!

  • How to shop in-store

    At the cash register, have the store select the fashioncheque giftcard option, and you only need to scan the barcode of your Tinka card or swipe the card. Do you have a digital card? Simply scan the barcode of your digital Tinka card in the Tinka app!

    Please bear in mind that some stores require you to swipe the card at the register, so we advise you to keep your physical card with you when going out for shopping

    After that, the purchase amount automatically appears as an invoice in the Tinka app, and all that’s left for you is to pay it later.

Tinka Card features

  • Digital Card

    Your digital card is active right after it’s created. Just use your phone to pay later. Setup in 90 seconds, scan & shop.

  • Know when to pay

    Get notified when it’s time to pay and manage all your payments conveniently in the app.

  • Feel safe

    You want your money to be safe, we get that! In the app you can easily block and unblock your card when needed.

Frequently asked questions

Now shopping and paying later with Tinka is easier than ever with the new Tinka card. Tinka is the leader in the Netherlands when it comes to pay-later services, with over 65 years of experience in the financial world. Tinka initially started as the financial department of Wehkamp and became an independent company in 2021. Our goal at Tinka is to become the most responsible and recommended pay-later provider in the Netherlands and beyond, ensuring that our customers feel financially empowered. Fashioncheque, a popular gift card focused on fashion, originated in the Netherlands in 2008 and can be redeemed at over 10,000 affiliated stores. With the Tinka card - powered by fashioncheque, you now have the opportunity to shop in-store and pay up to 14 days later at all these 10,000 participating stores. And best of all, there are no hidden costs or fine print to worry about.

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