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Unleash the power of responsible payments:
Together we’re Regreening Africa and transforming the BNPL sector!

Joining Forces

We've joined forces with the incredible team at Justdiggit, driven by a shared commitment to act responsibly and make a positive impact.

Together, we're embarking on an exciting journey to cool down our planet by regreening the landscapes of Africa.

But there’s more…

There's more to our partnership than environmental conservation. We're on a mission to change the Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) industry, driven by a sense of responsibility.

Our aim is for every customer who utilizes our BNPL services to experience a profound sense of security and empowerment. This collaboration with Justdiggit showcases our unwavering devotion to creating a more responsible financial landscape.

  • 31,100

    trees are being restored
  • 854 HA

    land is being regreened
  • 2,880

    people being positively affected
  • 31,100 ton

    of CO2 emissions being reduced
  • 29 mil

    litres of water is being conserved
  • 1 village

    that is being positively impacted

Our Impact

For every loan paid off, we and our partners contribute to greening Africa and 8.5 square metres of land is being planted. We are committed to greening 853 hectares, equivalent to the size of the centre of Amsterdam.

Let’s save the planet!

Shop at these partners to help us cool down the planet, one payment at a time. Together we make a difference.

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